The Nurses Walk to Support Ovarian Cancer Research and the Search for a Cure

11742884_10100305744223245_4580649965161782723_nOn July 19th The Nurses walked to support the search for a cure for Ovarian Cancer. The Swedish Summer Walk/Run for Ovarian Cancer was an incredible event shared with friends and family. IMG_20150719_072358844We walked in honor of Bre’s Mom, Lynn, who is fighting bravely against this terrible disease. With Bre’s mom, family and friends we walked, laughed and cried in all of the love and support we experienced. Thank 11029507_10100305743275145_8987291470387281855_nyou to those who walked with us, donated and supported us with good thoughts and prayers! Special thanks to the Swedish Marsha Rivkin Center for organizing the event.

There is no regular early screening for Ovarian Cancer. The signs and symptoms of the disease include bloating, increased urination and abdominal and pelvic pain. To support research for better screening and treatment go to The Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research to find out how you can help.




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