The Nurses Are In

The NursesThe Nurses have been busy! As many of you  know, our goal is to transform women’s healthcare, using innovative technology that increases access to quality health information and healthcare providers all in the comfort and privacy of your own home through secure video chat. Breastfeeding is the first preventive health measure a family can take to protect their newborn and promote healthy recovery for mom from birth. We recognize that preventive health care and education is the key to creating healthy families. As Registered Nurses passionate about caring for women, babies and families, we work together to offer holistic and evidence-based breastfeeding support. We are RNs and ARNPs with bachelor degrees in other fields, complemented by specialized training in breastfeeding education, newborn and postpartum care, who offer a well-rounded approach to the challenges that present with a new baby. We look forward to helping you on your breastfeeding journey!

Over the last month we have been attending Startup, Pitch and Founder events, all in an effort to improve our services. We are working hard to create better services for moms that are supportive, evidence-based and at the convenience of the modern mom. If you have suggestions for us, or questions about what we are up to, let us know!

The Nurses,

Bre & Jenn


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