We’ve got you covered!

econsultDid you know that as of January 2014 lactation counseling and supplies are a required covered health service. This means that most insurance is required to cover lactation consults without cost sharing! For more information HRSA has guidelines about services covered and the National Women’s Law Center has a Toolkit and a Sample Letter for Lactation Counseling Coverage that can be downloaded and used when submitting for reimbursement.

So many benefits to breastfeeding! That doesn’t mean its not challenging. Our goal is to support mom’s in their breastfeeding goals. Here is a FACT sheet put out by WomensHealth.gov, take a look at all the good things breastfeeding does for you and your baby. http://www.womenshealth.gov/breastfeeding/OWH_FS_Breastfeeding_7-25-2014.pdf



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