Our favorite online resources!

Ok moms… we know that you google you and your baby’s symptoms… even though your providers and lactation consultants tell you now to! Well, here are the websites that we recommend you search BEFORE typing into a major search engine. (we also know that the first 20 things that pop up on a major search engine are from Babycenter… which is NOT evidence-based or written by professional providers.) So, for your perusing pleasure during your middle of the night nursing sesh …

  1. Kellymom.com – written by Lactation Consultants and RNs!
  2. Med.Stanford.edu/newborns (https://med.stanford.edu/newborns/professional-education/breastfeeding.html) – written by Stanford medical professionals and lactation consultants
  3. breastfeedinginc.ca – written by Canada’s breastfeeding medicine specialist Dr. Jack Newman and Lactation Consultants
  4. http://www.kangaroomothercare.com – great info for parents of preemies, written by Dr. Nils Bergman, skin to skin guru!

Of course, if you have a breastfeeding question please don’t hesitate to email us, through our website http://www.pwlactation.com. Also, if you have a great resource you like to use, let us know!


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